Living Doll Career

I'm a new and upcoming human doll. I will give updates on my journey to transforming myself into a real life Ellowyne Wilde doll with plastic surgery and makeup. I chose the Ellowyne Wilde Doll because I didn't want to become another human Barbie. Also, the Ellowyne Wilde fits my style with shabby chic, vintage and ethnic clothing. Everyday, I dress in dolly styled clothing, and I live like a real life doll. I like tea and tea parties, surrounding myself with kawaii things, and I like collecting dolls. While I like kawaii things, I'm also attracted to darker and edgier things, which draws me to Gothic Lolita and Pastel Goth. I made my lifestyle out of a profitable career. I will not take any photos until my transformation is complete. After my transformation, I will consider pursuing a career as a model.

Living Doll Name: Sweet Pea

Type of Living Doll: I want to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll, but I will become an original character later.

Styles I Wear Everyday: Vintage/Historical, Lolita, Anime, Pastel Goth, Fairy Kei, Mahou Kei, Decora, Gothic Lolita, Steampunk, Traditional/Cultural, Kemonomimi, Menhera, Magical Girl.

Based In: United States

Definition: For those who do not understand the concept, a living doll, human doll or real life doll is a person who wishes to have real life features of a doll, figurine or cartoon. It's basically a person who wishes to look more porcelain, doll-like and to resemble an actual doll. Living dolls revolve their lifestyle around being a real life doll. They often wear Lolita or other dolly clothing everyday. Clothing you would typically see a doll wearing. Also, they wear dolly, kawaii makeup everyday. This is an everyday lifestyle that usually requires body modifications and plastic surgery to achieve. It is completely innocent with absolutely NO affiliations with fetishism or adult activity. Being a living doll is more like innocent, fairytale, fantasy lifestyle.