Living Doll Sweet Pea

Meet the Upcoming Living Doll

I'm a new and upcoming human doll. I will give updates on my journey to transforming myself into a real life Ellowyne Wilde doll with plastic surgery and makeup. Everyday, I dress in dolly styled clothing, and I live like a real life doll. I like tea and tea parties, surrounding myself with kawaii things, and I like collecting dolls. While I like kawaii things, I'm also attracted to darker and edgier things, which draws me to Gothic Lolita and Pastel Goth. I made my lifestyle out of a profitable career/job. I will not take any photos until my transformation is complete. After my transformation, I will consider pursuing a career as a model.

Living Doll Name: Sweet Pea

Type of Living Doll: I want to look like an Ellowyne Wilde doll, but I will become an original character later.

Styles: Vintage/Historical, Lolita, Anime, Pastel Goth, Fairy Kei, Decora, Gothic Lolita, Steampunk, Traditional/Cultural, Kemonomimi.

Based In: United States

Definition: For those who do not understand the concept, a living doll or human doll or real life doll is a person who wishes to have real life features of a doll, figurine or cartoon. It is someone who uses body modification to transform themselves into real life dolls or characters. They often address themselves as living dolls, and have a lifestyle centered around being a real life doll. They wear Lolita or other doll styled clothing everyday. For example, think of a Barbie doll. The concept is young women who get body modifications to resemble an actual Barbie doll. It is a completely innocent practice with absolutely NO affiliations with fetishism or adult activity. Being a living doll is more like innocent, fairytale, fantasy lifestyle.

Living Doll Transformation Updates

Lately, I have been practicing the dolly makeup as suggested. I am not quite there with the whole kawaii makeup, but I will start practicin...