19 April, 2018

Nursing Career

Sometimes, I can forget I've been a registered nurse for 5 years. I remember when my mother suggested going into healthcare because healthcare jobs are guaranteed to still exists as others fade.

My mother's boss, a doctor from Iraq, always wanted me to work for his company. Well one of many of his companies. I had many people curious about the company I work for. To answer their questions, yes mostly everyone who works there and who owns the company are Muslim. They speak and write in Arabic everyday, which was why I am learning Arabic to have better communication with everyone. Most always assume my mother and I can speak Arabic, but we can't. There can be poor communication because of this. My boss seems to favor employees who are his same race. I feel awkward being put above the employees who are not of Middle Eastern descent.

I immediately started training as soon as I applied for the job. Now to start on my new job as a nurse, my mother advised being a PCA. I am uncertain if I would want to work in hospitals yet as I am constantly asked to, but I currently work as someone who provides medical care for seniors and disabled people. This has taught me to have respect for people with disabilities, and to be sensitive with them. I also grew to better appreciate seniors and their company.

I mostly work with hospice patients, people who are terminally ill. Not all are seniors neither. Many of these patients are children. Others tell me they don't see how I do this job, and they express a concern for being depressed over the job. It can get really sad everyday, especially when patients die. Sometimes you can get too attached to them. It can often cause you to think about death a lot. Playing video games, writing and enjoying nature and peace has helped.

It can take up a lot of time, and it can be lots of work to do everyday. I do this while trying to finish and publish a book, work on other writing projects, develop a new gaming console, study, learn languages, help start a new online store, and starting a career as a new living doll. It's a lot, but I like keeping myself busy. However because I do this sort of work, it leaves small windows open to post everyday. Out of complete boredom at the time, I can't help but to post.

I began using my living doll career to give therapy, support and entertainment to these patients. I do this for all patients, young and old, including veterans. Not all of the veterans are in hospice care, but some are either wounded or suffering from post-traumatic stress. I took a break from this in order to have a complete doll appearance I am satisfied with.

I was and still am quite obsessed with the military, and at first I wanted to enlist. My study of the military and military history gave me better respect and appreciation for the people in the military. That's why I accepted the invitation to also help veterans.

So, I just wanted to share my job outside of writing. I hope to soon share more...

17 April, 2018

Appointment Rescheduled (And More Updates)

The appointment that was scheduled for Tuesday, which is today, was rescheduled for 3 weeks. So in 3 weeks, I will visit this plastic surgeon. This appointment is not the actual procedure date, but it is just a pre-op. Everyone advised the appointment to be rescheduled due to my flu. I really feel-well, I suppose not 100%, but it wasn't like I was getting the surgery today. Still anyway, I hope to get rid of this flu before the 3 weeks. This does give me more time to prepare.

I'm not really sure why, but I took a long break from wearing my dolly clothing. Oh I know why now. I really wanted to perfect that Gyaru and Ulzzang makeup, because the makeup is what gives the porcelain dolly look. I never really wore makeup, and so this is also kind of new to me. Unfortunately, this time has gotten me use to not wearing skirts and dresses too. I don't wear skirts and dresses. When people saw me wearing a skirt or a dress, their jaws dropped in shock. I guess because the activities I normally do, well, it would be inappropriate to wear a skirt or a dress. I also use to not like skirts or dresses, but now I'm addicted to purchasing them. Purchasing, but not recently wearing, but that will change soon.

I guess I am getting an entire makeover. I was a tomboyish skater girl, now transformed into a real life fashion doll, the Ellowyne Wilde Doll. I gave up most of the outdoor activities I enjoyed to become a real life doll. How much those Lolita dresses cost, I definitely would not get them ruined. I am pursuing a career in becoming a model for mostly kawaii, dolly type fashion and historical clothing. I will not always wear the same style of clothing everyday. I aim to wear all of my favourite styles of clothing, but it still has a cute, dolly appearance.

I don't really want to be labeled as a Human Barbie, although people probably could to simplify things. However, I'm not transforming myself to look like Barbie, because there are so many other beautiful dolls in the world. The Ellowyne Wilde Doll is beautiful to me, that's why I have to imitate that beauty. Well, also I have been wanting to switch themes. My personality is much like an Anime character really, and so I wished to capture this beautiful art in a real life form.

What's different about my daily activities, is that I've been trying to get into more cute, Kawaii things. I am getting into different teas and drinking tea. Oddly, my very first tea I tried was called Zavarka, a Russian tea. Because of my interest in Japanese stuff, I've been wanting to try Japanese tea.

On that subject, I noticed becoming a real life doll has greatly interested me in Japanese and Korean culture. Now I really love Japanese and Korean fashion and music. I listen to mostly Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and other Jpop and also Kpop, but Kyary Pamyu Pamyu since she is the queen of Kawaii, it inspires to be Kawaii. I've been wanting to incorporate the Turkish culture in some way because I really love the Turkish culture too.

So I'm going to prepare some more and get rid of this flu I have during the 3 week wait. I have been doing more research on the procedures I want done. I have a high tolerance to pain, and so I'm not worried too much about that. Just think though, the things we do for beauty, huh?

16 April, 2018

Give Me Stuff To Read...

I really enjoy reading blogs and material/projects humans give me to read. I love reading, and sometimes I take a break from reading about wars, history, economics, science and other stuff. Yeah, even though I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, and also I write it too, I actually read Non-Fiction Historical books. Also I find myself reading Business books and Educational books.

Yeah, I am aware that most of the author blogs I read are Romance Authors, and I dislike Romance (I especially dislike Erotica stuff). So that's a hint that I will NEVER write Romance or Erotica books. So unfortunately, most likely, I will not read any of their books. Although, I have read the Twilight series, even though I disliked the series. As a writer, I just wanted to see what was all the hype about these books. When I was reading it, I didn't pay too much attention to the characters or anything, but I focused on the pacing, wording and other stuff.

It's just that I prefer blogs that are updated regularly, or even daily, and the Author blogs similar to the genres I read and write rarely maintains their blogs. Most haven't posted in like 5 years. Most of these blogs I read share about general writing or the author's lifestyle. I find myself enjoying personal, writing, business and art blogs. I also love travel blogs or blogs about different cultures.

I know some wonder if I actually read the stuff they send me, and my answer is yes, I actually do read it. I just forget to tell the person I did read the stuff they wanted me to read. You know, like if others ask me to read their books, poems or whatever it is. 

15 April, 2018

Snow For April

This is what people in Minnesota wakes up to. On the news, my family heard it's the worst blizzard we had in years, and it made serious history. It's been snowing all day and we are expected to get even more snow. We were advised not to leave our homes if we don't have to, but some people still have jobs to go to.

Everything is closed, every store, restaurant, gas station, school and even church. Seriously, you cannot find anything open.

When trying to step outside to shovel the snow, we found out we couldn't even open the door. I know from the picture, it's hard to tell how tall the snow is, it's thigh high. Some areas it's even taller than that. We spent a few minutes trying to get out the door. I know we had to, because it's law that the mailman has a right not to deliver your mail if your walkway is not shoveled.

So all this morning, my family was shoveling the snow. The wind was really blowing, and I could see why the news told us it could be dangerous to inhale the air. You can't even see outside because the snow is blowing in the air. The wind is so strong, I've seen people getting blown down the street! I was thinking, oh gosh! Good thing that isn't me.

It's extremely cold here. I think I caught the flu. We past the wave where people were dying from the flu. So it's fine. Oh man, it's spring! I thought we would be enjoying the spring weather. Well, the best thing about this is no spiders! And no centipedes! Just the other week, I saw a spider in the house when the snow was melting. Now, I see no more spiders or centipedes.

Interesting Discussion About Russia and America

I just had a much needed discussion with a young woman from Russia. She was the very first Russian I spoken to ever.

We first discussed the architecture of Russia. I have been studying architecture for years, but the Russian architecture is my favourite. She then asked if I ever been to Russia. I said no, and admitted to being fearful of visiting Russia as an American. Well, stastically 95% of Russians hate Americans from what I read. She expressed how sad she was because of the rivalry between America and Russia, hoping like me that both of our countries would stop competing. I also have been wishing this especially with the constant fear of nuclear war, that one day Russians and Americans can get along. No more rivalry and fighting. 

This young woman made me realize not all Russians share the same views as their government. She shared how everyone is against Russia, and how she tries not to look at the news because I agree it can make you upset. My family's curiosity keeps us watching and following the news, especially with the threat of being bombed, we need to stay alert in case someone tells us to seek for shelter. The woman however also shared how sad she is that the normal citizens pay for what their government does. 

I realized Americans have that in common. The American government has done things to others, but we take the punishment for their decisions. We are not as different as I previously assumed. I didn't realize not all Russians hate Americans, and wish us harm, I mean how their government wants to bomb us. Most Russians are not supportive of the American government, but she explained they may have different views about the people. I shared with her how I wasn't really supportive of the American government neither. I mean, I disapprove how they choose to handle things, and even how they treat their own citizens. I also didn't approve of harming the people of Russia only because of their government. 

America is the same. Yeah, I did share when she said how she always wanted to go to America for a visit, it's a bit overrated. I mean, the American government picks fights and starts wars. While we would be bombed and killed, they have bunkers to protect them. They leave us to die because our government could careless about us. I never knew this before, but unfortunately just like the Russian government, America is responsible for many war crimes, even against its own people. 

Now we fear nothing left will be of America by the time this administration is over. Now we are in danger of having no food. Many stores where I am can't even restock the shelves because the tariffs. I shared with her since she shared how people are against Russians, how because of the American government, us Americans are the most hated in the world. They made us enemies with almost everyone. I shared that's why sometimes, Americans can't visit most countries. I didn't realize Russians faced the same discrimination.

The young woman shared how now it's difficult to get visas to Russia. I think because their government doesn't want us in their country. I explained to the young woman that this poses as a serious safety risk for Americans visiting Russia now. I wouldn't even recommend it. I would perhaps go when things have settled and calmed down. 

It's ashame, because America is a country where even though you were born and raised here, you are still treated like you are not a part of this country, like you don't belong here. 

Anyway, it was interesting to have that discussion with a citizen of Russia. In America, the government teaches us to be afraid of Russian people, but she didn't seem scary to me. We both shared our wishes for each country. I mean she wished me all the best, and I wished her and the people of Russia the same. I do wish to share, no matter what happens, even if the military is instructed to bomb America, I don't have anything against the Russian people and their country. Let's pray in hopes someday, we can have peace and no more rivalry, arms race and war. It's about time to end this nearly 100 year old rivalry.